Interesting to know

The discovery of pasta

Did you know that it is Marco Polo who discovered pasta? It's the truth ! He found and brought back Chinese rice pasta (1271-1295). However, Greeks and ancient Romans were already making pasta from flour and water that they would dry in the sun and then boiled in water. At the time of the Renaissance, Queen Catherine de Medici introduced pasta in France. In 1910 Lustucru invented egg pasta.

Pasta Portions

Useful information: a reasonable individual portion of pasta served as an appetizer is between 50 and 60 grams, while a main pasta dish is served in portions of 100 to 120 grams.

Original Pasta

The two original pasta varieties were vermicelli and lasagna. Small pasta such as vermicelli can be cooked in a broth while lasagna and other large format pasta should be cooked in salted water.

Italy and pasta

Did you know that in Italy pasta was associated with gastronomy? They also went from mere accompaniment to the meat to being a main course.